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Callshop reseller system

Ettisalat Ltd as a VoIP wholesale and VoIP reseller provider. We are able to provide the best voice quality at the best voip rates. We offer our services to callshop who wants to use a callshop reseller system, Resellers & Individuals allowing them to make international calls at very low rates for fast starting your own callshop. 

Start Your Own Call Shop Business now!

If you own a Voip CallShop or an Internet Cafe and want to offer your clients the ability to make international calls! then this is the solution for you. You will be able to set your own rates and make a profit from your customers. You Purchase Credit at a low rate and make profit on talk time sold. We offer a total Callshop software FREE OF CHARGE!

  •   We provide a total complete Call Shop solution:
  •   Computer based Voip Call Shop using ADSL Internet:

Which kind of customers would benefit?

  • Internet Cafe's
  • Individuals & Businesses

How does it work ?

  1. The Call Shop owner sends the client to a telephone booth/cabin:
  2. The Client uses a cordless handset or telephone to call anywhere in the world
  3. After speaking, the client finishes the call
  4. The Owner, logs into the call shop login account by clicking the Call Detail Record
  5. The call reports will determine how much to charge the customer for the calls made 

What are the Callshop benefits:

  • Best Call Shop Rates - We use High Quality Routes
  • Fast and best voice quality
  • Free connection, No charge for connection
  • Crystal voice routes, local & international calling
  • The best calling rates available
  • No Contracts & Monthly fees

 What are the Callshop Features:


  • Easy Booth Management
  • Callshop user can create own booth
  • Callshop user can edit selling rates
  • Profit & Loss
  • Live Active Calls
  • Call History
  • Auto invoicing
  • Reports with graph
  • Last call display with cost & duration
  • Multiple Calls in Booth will Auto Calculate cost
  • Setup Callshop owner details to display on Invoice
  • Langauge support : English/Arabic/French